pittsburgh penguins meme
[2/4] bromances → sidney crosby & evgeni malkin

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Reims does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

lazelham asked: Eminem's ice bucket challenge is gonna be him in a grey hoodie staring straight ahead with no expression while someone dumps water on him.


I’m gonna die when I see eminem’s ice bucket challenge 

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Videogames are scary realisitc now…

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emalkin71geno#ALSiceBucketChallenge next: 1) Ganch 2) Dats 3) Fetisov

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**wow okay first of all this graphic is an absolute crazy mess but I’m in love with it at the same time so i apologize for that

okay hello all so as some of you may know for the last 7 weeks i have been at camp, or some of you may have just thought i was dead or something, but I’m back now! and I’ve been reminded of how amazing all my followers you guys are and i would like to give you guys a huge thank you by having my first ever giveaway! you guys have until AUGUST 29th 2014 to reblog this post to enter! then on the 29th i will use a random generator and pick a winner!


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Okay thanks again guys i love you all!! xoxo

pk subban completes the ALS ice bucket challenge in a big way


wake me up when september ends so that the hockey season can start already


is nhl 15 realistic or what?